Friday, October 23, 2009

there are some things you just don't learn in a Bais Yakov high school.

like how to act in college classes.

or it could just be a personality thing. i know that some girls graduate and go out into the "real world" as they're so fond of calling it, and acclimate well, and know how to balance being a religious young woman, and a college student, or a working professional. i like to think i can put myself in that category.

but then there are girls who haven't shed that last layer of wide-eyed naivety. and they go out into the world thinking that everyone is nice and friendly. and that college is a place where everyone is ready to eagerly soak up everything, and gain much knowledge.

obviously, this is not the case. especially in community college, where you can sometimes find the dregs of society. so just because there are 25 students sitting in a classroom, doesn't mean there are 25 people who are interested in learning. in all my nursing classes so far, there are usually 2 or 3 people who are only becoming nurse because their moms or dads are nurses. there are usually another 2 people that have somehow managed to squeak by, but make me wonder how they're going to last all the way until graduation without failing out. and then there's always that one person that sleeps through every single class. but even those that are there and willing to learn, don't always want to sit through class.

which brings me to my point; stupid questions. every professor, every teacher will announce that there are no stupid questions-i strongly disagree. there is an immeasurably large amount of stupid questions that can be asked. i try to think twice before i ask a question, because if not, once the words come out of my mouth, i realize that i already know the answer. of course, i look kind of weird when I'm talking to myself, but i don't mind that.

there is a frum girl in one of my classes who comes to every class, determined to learn everything there is to know, which is very commendable, but she should really take some time to stop and think before asking every single question. everyone is entitled to learn, and if she learns by asking questions, I'm not faulting her for that. but perhaps if she thought about some of her questions before she asked them, she'd realize that maybe she should just keep quiet and look them up when she gets home, or ask someone a little more worldly than herself.


Anonymous said...

There was a guy in yeshiva who always asked the stupidest questions, and the rebbeim would shoot him down immediately. Four years later, I was in a college class with him and he still asked stupid questions. Except now, the professors treat him nicely and answer him patiently--to the detriment of everyone else.

anon said...

Actually, even "stupid" questions are okay to ask as long as they are relevant IMHO, because even if you kinda know the answer, they reinforce learning.

Come on, be easy on her. Maybe befriend her and help her out, she's a frum girl too.

kisarita said...

I hate to tell you this but you'll find way more dregs of society while practicing as a nurse than in community college.

In fact you can find some dregs of society in the frum community too, but that's another issue.

I don't know what country you came from, but I RARELY find nurses who become nurses because their parent's were nurses, and the ones that do, (my colleagues daughters are studying nursing) what exactly is wrong with that? It means their mom found nursing a rewarding and fulfilling profession.

Unlike most people, nurses and otherwise, who choose their professions out of economic reasons. Like me. And like all those frum girls in nursing school who aint gonna know what hit them in the real world when their expected to work on Pesach.

kisarita said...

PS in my nursing class most of the students were adult women, mothers, not silly college kids. But that was before nursing became COOL.

RN said...

Frum girls are often an embarrassment and unfortunately the BY system DOES NOT prepare them for the social aspects of the "real world." Lubavitch girls tend not to be as socially handicapped, which is pretty interesting considering Chabad's myopic and ethnocentric vantage point.

Many frum girls are going into nursing because it's the "new speech therapy." Some choose home care (and will not really learn anything, especially if they work for frum greedy agencies) while the braver ones wisely elect to work in a hospital which is the only place a nurse will really learn.