Friday, March 5, 2010

nobody likes an overachiever.

one of the projects i'm currently working on for school, is researching and doing a presentation on the abuse of heroin. everyone in my class was assigned a different drug, and we started presentations this week. i had all my work written out, and i created flyers to hand out to the class with pictures on them. but the woman who presented first went all out and created a colossal poster, with tons of pictures and facts. now we all have to go back and add more stuff to our presentation so we don't look bad.

we should have made her go last

stupid lady


smartblondie said...

omg i have someone in my class just like that! she drives me nuts-its like, ok we know your a genius now be quiet and stop making us all look bad!

clever lady said...

at least you didn't have a few people presenting on the same thing, and one person gave a very detailed presentation so no one else had anything new to add.

for visuals, why not pick up some addict from a clinic? 3D real life multi-sensory visual aid, can't get better than that