Sunday, August 22, 2010

the last day of camp is always somewhat surreal to me. everyone walks around in a slight daze, mumbling, "i can't believe the summer is ending" we had started packing everything up in the nurse's office already at the beginning of the week, but Friday was when it all really got packed up. the by midday the room had the empty look of summer's end. the walls that had been covered with the kids drawings were totally bare. the refrigerator that was previously stocked with Gatorade and ice packs was emptied out and unplugged. the water cooler and pretzel barrel were cleaned out and put away for storage, leaving two large rings on the counter. the door of the medicine cabinet banged against the empty shelves, clanging loudly. reminding me that my summer vacation is quickly drawing to a close.

i said goodbye and pulled out of the camp for the last time, reflecting on what I'd learned over the past eight weeks, still not believing that I'm going back to school in a week.

time to pull out my drug cards and go reserve my spot in Starbucks.


G6 said...

There's an old saying that every ailment brought to the nurse's office at camp can be cured with one of three treatments.
Either icepacks/bandages or pretzels or Gatorade.
If one doesn't work, try the other.

Noah @ Israel said...

It's always sad to go away but this is also the beginning of something new and new opportunities are always a very nice thing to have!