Thursday, February 3, 2011

there are two kinds of snow days

the kind i had last week was the productive kind. i was up relatively early, and since i had a lot of time and not that much to do (beginning of the semester is usually pretty quiet) i cleaned the entire apartment from top to bottom; swept, dusted, mopped, vacuumed, washed anything that wasn't sparkling, refolded the linen, cleaned out the fridge, and rearranged the cabinets. at the end of the day i felt very accomplished, but could not move. i literally collapsed on the couch.

this week i had another snow day. i stayed in bed till much later and didn't do much besides for some laundry. sister2 came over and we baked-or more accurately, i baked and she sat and chatted with me while i measured and poured. unfortunately the cookies came out nasty and I'd used up some of my baking supplies so i couldn't try another recipe. we ate and made smoothies and looked at stupid videos on YouTube. at the end of the day i was also exhausted (doing nothing is very tiring!) but instead of a clean apartment i had counters full of dirty dishes and laundry that needed to be folded lying on my bed. definitely not the most productive of days.

but now that I've had both, I'm ready to be finished with snow days for the rest of the semester. as is everyone else in New York. all anyone's been tweeting, blogging, or facebooking about has been the snow. and football. and foot fetishes. thankfully that's going to be over after Sunday.


Anonymous said...

just the football, not necessarily the foot fetishes or the snow.

Dipsy said...

we have very few snow days here, but this month we had the best kind. It was the day after winter vacation so we had an extra day off. It was such a bonus end to vacation. We laid in supplies and because there was so much snow and we had had a busy vacation everyone was happy just to have a lazy day at home!! That's the best snowday.