Wednesday, March 9, 2011

as a little kid i loved getting the mail. there's a satisfaction in opening the mailbox to see it stuffed with envelopes. and on occasion there was actually an envelope with my name on it.

these days, getting the mail is a lot less exciting. we don't get that much mail-we pay our bills and do banking online. most of our mail is the rent stub or a wedding invitation, and the monthly magazines that we get. but yesterday i got an envelope with my name on it that i was not excited to see at all.

it was from the Jury Department. i know, it's all part of being an adult and good citizen, bla bla bla. to me it means yet another hassle to deal with. at least I'm not missing work, and i don't have kids so i don't need to find arrangements for that. but it also means that i don't really have a plausible excuse for missing it. it's in the beginning of April, so i can't use pesach as an excuse, and it's on a Monday so i might not even be able to use school to get out of it. it's probably worth it to do it now and then not have to worry about it for awhile.

still, I'm not looking forward to it.


Donyel said...

I completely agree. Getting mail as an adult simply does not hold the same allure for me.

Dipsy said...

i went to Jury duty about 2 years ago and it wasnt too bad. Of course I got lucky that I didn't get picked bk the trial they were choosing for was going to be a few weeks!!!

FBB said...

If you get out of local jury duty too often you can end up getting called for a federal case. And then? You in for the Looong haul.

The local jury duty is fairly painless, and the video they show is hysterical, I blogged about it awhile back

Something Different said...

I had jury duty last summer. It was monumentally boring, but (at least for that case) really easy to get out of.

If there will be medical testimony you'll get off cuz you are a nurse. If not, it shouldnt be too hard to find an excuse.

%Shocked% said...

I was under the impression that just being an Orthodox Jew was enough to get out of most cases. I've had half a dozen friends get called for jury duty and none of them were chosen. I don't know the reasons that they weren't, but for some reason or other I thought lawyers aren't fans of ours (I don't think that's a bad thing!) when it comes to being jurors.

%Shocked% said...

Oh, and I still love getting mail :)