Thursday, May 19, 2011

being a mother means learning the true meaning of sleep deprivation

being a mother means making no plans for the mornings because i never know how the nights are going to go

being a mother means I've traded in my purse for a diaper bag

being a mother means getting used to the smell of spit up on my clothes

being a mother means planning my day in two and a half hour increments

being a mother means learning how to multitask, and do things with a baby over my shoulder

being a mother means falling hopelessly in love with a twenty inch, nine pound boy

being a mother is exhausting, frustrating, demanding, thrilling, exhilarating, and I'm loving every second of it


Anonymous said...

Lovely post - hope the nachat just keeps on flowing!!!
Of course, as they develop, it just gets more and more interesting....
Mazel-tov to all - but what is his name?

daughtersintheparsha said...

nice. now you know why I tolerated you and all your siblings ;)

Dipsy said...

I hope you continue to have lots of nachas from your little guy. (And also of course lots of sleep!) I can hardly wait to see him and hold him

MAK said...

Funny...I just made a post about the same thing! In more words though. Great minds think do sleep deprived moms.