Sunday, June 15, 2008

it is literally impossible to drive at 20 mph.

i was driving in westchester, and i was passing through a school zone where the speed limit is 20 mph. maybe i'm disillusioned, but i doubt they're worried about the safety of those little mamroneck-ers. no it's just a speed trap to nab unsuspecting motorists as they zoom off the hutchinson parkway or 95 south. i did my best to slow down, but i found myself driving at 10 mph. this thoroughly infuriated the camry behind me, and he proceeded to tell me with his horn how disgusted he was. so i sped up. and my car jumped to 30. and cruise control doesn't even work that low.

another thing about westchester:the malls are really nice (read:way too pricey for a poor college student) but it seemed to me that they spent so much money on the bronze horses standing in fountain, and the statue of the little girl in front of the coach store (if you ask me, she looked terrified. maybe it was meant as a warning to children to hold on to their mommys' hands. or maybe she was daunted by the crazy prices for a handbag) so there was nothing left to use in bathroom, which is why they have one restroom in a four floor mall, which looked and smelled like a gas station bathroom

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The Babysitter said...

doesn't sound like a good experience.

I remember being scared of getting lost in a big place, and I used to always stick to my parents, or whoever I was with. Kids these days seem not to be afraid and are always running around, that I think I get more scared than them, when they get lost.