Sunday, June 1, 2008

"i'm really sorry, and i'll have the money to you by the end of the week"

i hang up the phone, shaking my head. his excuses would be alot more believable if he'd returned my calls at all this past week. i left over seven messages on his cellphone, which, from working for him, i know he always has with him. I've been reduced to almost, but not quite stalking him, and only calling him at home after ten thirty, will get him to answer the phone.

everyone tells me i was stupid to continue working after the bounced check. and now i see that i was. and i should have realized that the money would be very delayed in coming. but i didn't know that five months later, he would still owe me eight hundred dollars, after paying three hundred of it only two weeks ago.

he says he wish he can pay me soon...but if he really cared, he'd work out some sort of payment plan...fifty dollars a month would have gotten him more paid up at this point than he is now...and how am i supposed to know that he cares when he doesn't bother returning my phone calls?

I'm sorry that my first office job had to be such a lousy experience. that i waited before accepting another one, scared that I'd be burned again. that i had to make quite clear terms with my current boss about being paid on time, when he, puzzled, answered that he'd never dream of holding payment. that I'm so happy to get my paycheck now without a hassle.

I'm trying to see it from his side, but he's making it exceedingly difficult. and highly embarrassing when i meet his wife at the store buying potting soil for the garden. she apologizes and explains that, "sometimes for shalom bayis you gotta know when to back down" i wish i can explain to her that I'm sick of apologies. i don't care if it's causing issues. i just want to be paid, and then i don't want to have anything to do with him, his wife, or his organization again.


Mikeinmidwood said...

So this is the guy who didnt pay to well, if I am not mistaken

Anonymous said...

Three words: small claims court.

Yoni said...

but check with a reliable, trustworthy bais din first.

oh wow, this is really distressing. I'm sorry. :(

therapydoc said...

Small claims is a good idea. (followed you here from Rafi's blog)

The Babysitter said...

you know that owing money is one of the things a person comes back down as a gilgul for. Its a big thing. Hashem takes care of it.

Hopefully you'll get your money.