Thursday, December 11, 2008

i miss my friend

sometimes all it takes is for something to be taken away, and then you start to realize how much you took for granted.

when my friends got married and moved away, i accepted it. it's the next stage in life. I'm glad that they transitioned so easily. but when a single friend told me she's going back to Israel for the year, it took me a lot longer to accept that. but i sent her off tearfully. and it's been almost four months. and i still miss her.

yes, with today's technology, it's a lot easier to stay connected across the ocean. but with a time difference, and a combination of two weird schedules, we rarely get to talk. of course emails are great too. but there's only so much sentiment you can pour into a virtual message.

i miss her.

i miss walking into her house and feeling like I'm home
i miss sparring with her sister, or chatting with her mother.
i miss her random calls to tell me that she wants to go around and draw smiley faces on everyone's car.
i miss her dragging me to shiurim
i miss her belting out songs by Chanala at the top of her lungs
i miss her playing Itzik Eishel at an insane decibel level when I'm trying to drive.
i miss working on bridal showers and birthday parties with her.
i miss seeing her picture on my caller ID when she calls me.
i miss arguing with her.
i miss her smile.
i miss her hugs.

dear friend, i miss you terribly. i know you're growing every day, and you're reaching greater heights. but i can't wait for you to come home so i can run up the steps to your house, and flop on your bed and hear you say "what should we do today?"


tembow said...

awww thats really sweet.. wish i could be friends with you :)

Anonymous said...

Does she know about the blog or this going to be an undelivered letter?

rickismom said...

Yes, one of the un-nice things about growing up is that you lose friends and have to make new ones. And all the new technology doesn't help so much, because if you are in different places, doing different things, the "things in common" gets less and less.....

frumcollegegirl said...

and although things in common get less and less, you don't have to give up on great friendships. my aunts been married for almost seventeen years and lives in Michigan but whenever she comes to NY she goes out with her friend. and my uncle is still best friends with three of his classmates. it's possible. it just takes an effort. but if the friendship means something to you, then it's worth the effort