Thursday, December 11, 2008

you know how you get into the habit of saying certain expressions, and then they'll jump out at precisely the wrong moment? like in seventh grade when you picked up that bad word from your friend, and then it slipped and came out in front of your mom.

well i do that all the time.

case 1:
"that's the truth, Ruth"
i don't even know where i picked this one up from, but i started using it all the time. and then when i was talking to my grandmother and she made an excellent point, i blurted it out...yup, her name is Ruth. thankfully she just laughed about it. now sometimes sister 1 says "that's the truth, Grandma"

cast 2:
"who's we, white man?"
there are many arguable points of origin for this one, but i picked this up from a sibling of mine who says it all the time. and i rarely use it. but it was floating around in my head that embarrassing moment. a classmate of mine who is an African American (and ironically, has the last name of White) leaned over my desk and said "now we're going to ace this final, aren't we?" so i muttered back at her "who's we, white man?" as the words were coming out of my mouth, i tried to stop them, but it was too late. she obviously didn't hear me, because i wouldn't be around right now if she'd heard. but Holly, the woman who sits in front of me, heard me. but she thought it was funny because she's a mad racist. and cuz she doesn't like Ronna.


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rickismom said...

As a teen, I picked up the "F" word-had no idea what it meant- used it once in front of my Dad. As he turned absolutely purple from shock, I realized that this was NOT a nice word!

And Ricki's sister uses arabic swear words on occaision. You can imagine her teacher's reaction when Ricki used it in school (actually, they took it pretty good...

Rachel said...

Uh, new commenter- Hey. This was hilarious. Re- Your last two sentences... funny x2 (+ awful). (Ya, that hurt my math-impaired brain too.)

"Awesome possom." ... A phrase that won't get you in trouble (unless you have a habit of speaking to furry animals... and even if so, they wouldn't mind being called "awesome"). And gloriously geeky.

Old Lady said...

The expression "Who's We White Man" Came from an old joke about The Lone Ranger & Tonto, his faithful Native American companion.
The Lone Ranger says, "Tonto, We are surrounded by the Indians" and Tonto says, "Who's We White Man"

The Babysitter said...

that's really funny!