Tuesday, May 26, 2009

in my family we're not big Memorial Day celebraters. we hang up the flag, and sometimes have a barbecue within 3 days of the day, but no big parties or family outings.

there is usually a ceremony at the veteran's cemetery down the street from my house, but i haven't gone in years. i think the thrill of watching decorated men shoot gun salutes, and then scrambling to look for blanks wore off a bunch of years ago. this year there was a parade of fire trucks and soldiers on Main Street, but my bed seemed like a much better place to be at 9am on a vacation morning.

but when i did drag myself out of bed, i almost had a productive day. i sat by the pool for an hour and kicked off the summer season with the first half of a big nice sunburn (i know, i should have put on suntan lotion) then i took my dad out for his birthday (he was so excited that he told everyone that it was for his birthday) and then i went boating with brother2 and got the second half of the burn (that's when it starting hurting a little)

so i did the outdoor thing, although I'm still wondering how eating hot dogs and going swimming helps commemorate soldiers who fell in battle defending the country. 

a funny thing occurred while i was attempting to make plans for the week. i was texting my friend, back and forth, but we were both busy doing other things, so it was a very disjointed and took forever. i thought to myself, "if only there was some way i can talk to her directly and not wait to receive a reply" and then it hit me-phones are used for phone calls too!

I'm mainly a texter


Mikeinmidwood said...

what has this world come to? come on even ET knew you can talk on a phone.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the purpose of celebrating on Memorial Day is to mark the fact that those soldiers gave up their lives in order that successive generations can enjoy a safe and free existence. Additionally, though, one should certainly use Memorial Day to reflect on the magnitude of their sacrifice.
Chag sameach


Anonymous said...

or memorial dayis just another excuse for americans who want a day off from work to celebrate the begining of the summer and need an excuse. we have veterans day to remember them already. by definition, any soldier who died is a vet cuz he/shes not a soldier anymore. not that im complaining :)

Proud MO said...

Memorial day, like every other holiday, has become just a day off for most people. You take a minute to think about the soldiers, and then you forget for the rest of the day.
People BBQ because it's a day off at the beginning of summer. That's it.

Something Different said...

Oh gosh I can so relate to that...I get myself all frustrated at how choppy a conversation is...and then I realize that it's in texts and there is a better way. Especially since I got my (old) new phone, I never talk.