Monday, May 18, 2009

there's a part of me that enjoys riding the subways of New York. (i know, i sound like a country bumpkin) the people watching aspect is always thrilling-even though my mother always warned me not to look at anyone on the subways. it's kind of hard to focus on looking at the blinking lights telling you where between Manhattan and Brooklyn on the 2 train you are, or reading and rereading the advertisement for celebrating earth day in the Bronx Zoo, or the picture of the woman who had 20 amputations because of artery occlusions due to smoking. especially when there are fascinating people to watch. there was the girl lugging three full gym bags which looked they weighed almost as much as she did. the man across from me who had three teeth, and more hair coming out of his ears and nose than he did on his head. the guy who slept almost the whole line and woke up right at his stop. how do people sleep on subways? I'd be too terrified that I'd miss my stop and end up who-knows-where.

but then there's the part of me that wants to scrub my hands with Purell and wipe down the seat before i sit down. the air feels dirty, and i can almost feel it clogging up my alveoli as i breathe. even touching the handrails, makes my hand feel dirty. and that's not to mention all the funky smells from everyone's body odor, weird perfume, and the garbage that's dumped everywhere. 

always an interesting way to travel, but i prefer Uncle Willie, my trusty steed. 


G6 said...

Have you seen this website?

Anonymous said...

I like playing the game where you guess which stops people will get off at.

tembow said...

great post, as always! I am sooo with you on people watching! love to do that :)
and i also use purell after going in the subway and on the bus- it just sickens me to think about who touched that handle before me... ewww
and ur the almost-Nurse so i think everyone should follow ur lead

it comforts me to know that i will never be featured on there LOL

EsPes said...

practically every time im on the subway, theres a guy dressed as a girl. its hard to not stare