Sunday, November 15, 2009

being the only religious Jew in my clinical of eight students, means I'm somewhat of a interesting person. in terms of diversity, we're pretty even, but when it comes to religion I'm the only who one who's actually practicing. having been properly warned by everyone in my life, i steer clear of any philosophical discussions regarding keeping Shabbos, only eating Kosher, or believing in an afterlife. the girls in my class just wanted to know if I'm going to "have an arranged marriage" I've gotten pretty good at explaining, in the briefest and simplest of terms how the shidduch system works.

I've never been asked out by any of classmates, something that I'm thankful for, especially having heard stories from my friends who've had to politely but firmly decline offers from interested classmates. but last week a guy in my class tried to set me up.

his patient was an older Chassidic guy, who's young grandson was helping him get dressed and read over the Torah portion of the week. after my classmate (whose name is Sal) finished up with morning cares, he came over to me with a grin
"hey listen, i was talking to Mr. G's grandson-he's twenty two, and pretty smart. he's also not bad looking, and a really nice guy, very respectful to his elders. come with me, i want to introduce him to you"

even after i smiled and politely declined, he insisted that i was missing out by not agreeing to be introduced to said grandson. so i explained that this fellow was Chasidic, while i was looking for someone more mainstream Orthodox. But Sal just shrugged his shoulders and shook his head, convinced i was making a big mistake. i half expected him to turn around and say "listen mamela, this one's a real ilui, you should at least agree to meet him!"


Menashe said...

Maybe it's the chasidim which are mainstream and the snags (or litvaks if you prefer) who are not.

nmf #7 said...

Hey, you never know- maybe it was your match :D
Stranger things have been suggested by non-Jewish collegues!

G6 said...

Didn't you want to meet him to see if he's something for any other girls you may know??!?

In all seriousness though, I give major weight to the "respect for the elders" thing. Maybe your friend will continue to keep an eye out for you for more dedicated grandsons... (oh, and if they are granddaughters, keep half an eye out for me ;)

Anonymous said...

I think that if you are talking to other (unaffiliated ) Jews you shouldn't necessarily keep away from the afterlife discussions. It seems there are very many Jews who think Jews don't believe in an afterlife. Well know wonder then that there is so little to their Judaism. DUH what do they think this is all for?

Shades of Grey said...

that's hilarious. It may have been interesting to have at least met him...