Thursday, November 5, 2009

completing my clinical rounds in nursing homes has made me very thankful that i am healthy. it's taught me to appreciate the gift of youth, and to be glad for everything I've been blessed with.

when my hair gets long, and i need to get a haircut, i am thankful that i have all my hair
when I'm about to go somewhere and my gas light goes on, i am thankful that i can drive
when my siblings wake me up, or ask me for rides, i am thankful that they are all healthy and under one roof
when my friends cancel our plans at the very last minute, i am thankful that i have friends who care about me
when I'm stressed out because I'm studying for tests, i am thankful that i am perfectly capable of studying and retaining information
when my dentist hounds me to come in and have my teeth cleaned, i am thankful that i have teeth.

it may sound funny, but so many little things are taken for granted, or maybe even seen as hindrances, but once we lose them, or they are taken away, we realize how much we depended on these things.


tesyaa said...

What an eye opener. I think I mentioned on my blog that when I was complaining about all the cooking I had to do for Yom Tov, I realized I should be grateful that we had plenty of food and people to eat it with.

G6 said...

... and when you are dealing with that half bald, lonely little old lady with chronic pain, please remember to speak to her with the same patience and compassion as you would want a doctor or nurse to have if they would be dealing with your own mother.....