Friday, April 30, 2010

shopping for a couch is not as easy as i thought it would be.

i never realized how many different couches are out there. reclining or non-reclining, leather or microfiber, different sizes and shapes, firmer cushions or softer cushions. and I'm not even going to mention the different colors.

the first stop was Ikea, probably the funnest furniture store, but not the best place to look for a couch. i know the store has like Swedish roots or something. aren't Scandinavian people supposed to be tall? because all the couches were very short and compact. i think it's designed for little squishy apartments. and not so much for comfort.

so off i went to Raymour and Flanigan. once i managed to dodge an overly friendly saleswoman, i was free to roam around and flop down on couch after couch. we happened to be in the store on the day of an extended sale, but the prices weren't that exciting.

and another thing i forgot to calculate-Mr. FCG (for those of you who didn't like the moniker, you should know that he has no problem with it) is a good 10 inches taller than me. so i need to find a couch that will be comfortable for him as well. so we grabbed a relatively tall frum guy and asked him to try out the couches. and we did the same thing yesterday to a poor unsuspecting 17 year old boy in a small sidewalk furniture store.

but i may have found something. slowly but surely, I'm getting there. last final is in a week and a half. then i can focus more on wedding plans and less on renal failure.

summer vacation, here i come!


harry-er than them all said...

there is only one thing you need to be sure of in a couch: that when Mr. FCG lies down on it, he's comfortable. Forget about the height bit, focus on the comfort.

MAK said...

Having just spent an entire day shopping for couches, I think I can give some advice. A good place to go is Rooms-to-Go, they're having a sale and have some very nice stuff. We went there, City Furniture, JCPenny furniture, Macy's, Ethan Allan's, Carl's, and finally Baer's, where we spent a lot more on a couch than we first intended. But then again my husband and I had very differing opinions on what we were looking for. Anyways, good luck in finding one!

FBB said...

"then i can focus more on wedding plans and less on renal failure. "

This is like an eight on the Unintentional Comedy Scale

cLarA said...

where ya been, honey?? sleepin on the couches? we want some posts!!