Thursday, April 15, 2010

This post is dedicated to all bookkeepers and accountants who have spent the last few weeks working tirelessly (maybe some have been a little tired) over the past few weeks to feverishly meet the tax deadline. This morning when sister1 got into the car, I realized that I had not seen her in three days-and we live in the same house! It was nice to get reacquainted with her for a bit. And I know that everyone who knows someone who’s an accountant is looking forward to seeing their parents/siblings/spouses/children/friends again. Welcome home, we missed you!


G6 said...

As my father used to say, "Not so fast Paparelli....".
Some of us filed for extensions :D
(Back to work!)

rescue37 said...

I wish it ended by April 15th. Back in the olden days, that's the way it was. But now thanks to computers every yokel thinks they can do their own books and the job just gets harder. Either the yokel has no clue what they're doing and it's impossible to make sense, or they create these very complex transaction (think Lehman brothers or Enron) that take a lot of time to audit and understand. And the kicker is, nobody wants to pay for the time. Lawyers may work a lot longer hours, but at least they get paid for it. Well I have to go reintroduce myself to my kids, thanks for listening