Sunday, March 21, 2010

you know the feeling you get after you eat a big meal? when you're so full that you almost can't move? that's the feeling i get in my brain after I've spent any substantial amount of time studying. i feel like my brain is full, and talking about anything other than what I've been studying will take up extra gray matter that i need to memorize all the information. not only that, once i start studying different disorders, i'm convinced I've got them all. since i'm studying neuro i'm positive that the twitch in my eye is going to become full-blown trigeminal neuralgia. not only that, i spent the entire weekend diagnosing everyone i came across with various personality disorders.

so i'd advise you to stay away from me until the end of the week. i might start listing the lobes of the brain and their functions. or the twelve cranial nerves. or i might try to convince you that you've got borderline personality disorder.

Friday, March 5, 2010

nobody likes an overachiever.

one of the projects i'm currently working on for school, is researching and doing a presentation on the abuse of heroin. everyone in my class was assigned a different drug, and we started presentations this week. i had all my work written out, and i created flyers to hand out to the class with pictures on them. but the woman who presented first went all out and created a colossal poster, with tons of pictures and facts. now we all have to go back and add more stuff to our presentation so we don't look bad.

we should have made her go last

stupid lady

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

first med-surg exam of the semester...

my stomach butterflies are having quite a lively game of volleyball right now. i don't why i always have small panic attacks before my nursing tests. they say that mild anxiety is good because it helps you stay focused and allows you to block out any distractors. but right now the last thing i want to do is study. I've read and reread my drug cards and now i can't look at them anymore. I've taken and retaken the online quizzes until i know all the questions and answers by heart. now I've got about 35 minutes to kill before i can go take the exam.

and it's not helping that my study partner is telling me about how this professor loves to ask obscure questions on material that hasn't' really been covered...