Sunday, October 10, 2010

there's a certain comfort in routine.

as Succot was drawing to a close, everyone was lamenting the end of the holidays and the forced return to "normal life"

i think i was the only one who was looking forward to it.

not that i didn't enjoy the family, food, more family and more food. it's hard to get adjusted to a school regimen when every three days I'm missing class. so now I've gotten my schedule all worked out. I've figured out exactly how much time i need in the morning so that i can sleep until the very last second and still have time to grab something to eat before i run off to the hospital. I'm managing to balance preparing in the morning before i leave for class so that i have everything i need to make dinner when i get home in the evening. and I've discovered that if i do laundry on Sundays, I've got the whole afternoon to do it so I'm less rushed and there's less of a chance that I'll lose a sock or turn an undershirt gray. (and if i do it on Sunday, Mr. FCG folds it :) )