Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i don't like the snow.

I'm not sure when i came up with realization.

maybe it was after i slipped and fell on the ice. I'm uncoordinated when the ground is dry. but when it's covered with ice, I've got an unfair disadvantage. although, i have to say, it is almost comical to watch people fall on the ice. of course, i'd never laugh at anyone who falls because it can be painful as well as embarrassing, but i know i've looked funny when i've fallen

maybe it was the day that i had to scrape off my car like five times. every time i went out, my car had been buried under another layer of snow. that's fifteen minutes to scrape off the snow and ice, and another twenty till my car warmed up enough for me to be able to sit in it without fear of hypothermia.

maybe it's the weather. apparently there is something about winter blues that's true. it's not the cold that bothers me as much as the wetness (ugh).

yesday i had a snow day. since it's the first week of the semester, it was the first day of one of my classes. what a waste of canceled class! i'd much rather have a snow day on a day that i've forgotten to do my homework, or don't feel like dragging myself out of bed.

so for all that snow may be good, there can be too much of a good thing.

and all good things must come to an end.

in the words of Calvin:

"I say we move on to summer"

Monday, January 26, 2009

so I'm brushing the metaphoric cobwebs off of my keyboard and mulling over the events of my day; first day of the spring semester. although this one was pretty important for me; after three semesters of waiting, taking prerequisites, and being a general annoyance to the head of the Nursing department, i finally started the Nursing Process Courses. my professor stood in front of the classroom and announced in a solemn voice

"every nightmare story you heard about this totally true.

But the advantage to being in a program that is so hard to pass, is that our graduates have a 94% rate on the NCLEX exam, and find jobs very easily."

and on that note, she passed out brightly colored squares of paper and instructed us to write our names on them and prop them up on our desks, just till she learns everyone's names. to be fair, she teaches four or five classes a week, with about 35 students in each class. that's....alot of names to remember.

after a two hour class, in which we didn't learn anything, but just listened to instructions and details (mainly about how we're going to fail if we don't put in at least 12 hours of work every week for this class alone-not counting work we gotta do for the clinical, i hustled off to the Nursing Department with my friend Z so she could chat (or argue, however you want to see it) with the notorious Department Head about switching a clinical so she won't have to transgress a holiday. while i waited in the overheated, overcrowded office, on an overstuffed chair, i managed to get started in my seven chapters of assigned reading (so much for my skiing trip tomorrow, I'm spending the day with Fundamentals of Nursing). a woman told my friend and i that we look alike. i guess we do, if you were looking at the fact that we were both wearing skirts. and had straight hair. other than that, there is no resemblance between the two of us.

I'd almost forgotten the whole beginning-of-a-new-term drill. i ran up and down the stairs four or five times before i was ready to walk out the door. I'd completely forgotten to buy pens, and my folders from last semester were ready for the garbage, so i hustled to Walmart to buy folders. unfortunately, the school supply section was looking pretty sparse (i guess no one's buying supplies at the end of January. ) and i had a very pathetic selection to choose from. i didn't want some barely-pushing-thirteen-idol grinning toothily up at me, i don't have an unbridled love for small furry creatures, and i certainly don't feel the need to have a smiling bunny insulting everyone who looked at my folders, so i chose the designed folder that made me feel the least urge to vomit when i looked at it, and went on to look at pens, and then buy Eco-pellets for my mom (ENOUGH SNOW ALREADY!) pulling sister1 away from the car mats ("no i don't want a pink car mat with flowers on it!") and the guns (i think I'll sleeping on the couch tonight)

so now I've got lots and lots of reading to do, and I'm hoping my stethoscope and white sneakers (ugh) show up before my clinicals start in two weeks. with my luck, anything is possible...

oh and Tembow tagged me to do another Meme. as fun as they are to do, i don't want to bore the public (if anyone hasn't deserted my sinking blogship-it's been awhile) so i'm acknowledging my tag and thanks, Tembow!

Monday, January 12, 2009

there is nothing like vacation. nothing can compare to the knowledge that you have more time than tasks ahead of you. i was able to catch up on my reading list, perfect my bowling (new high score-133!) spend time with my cousins, hang out with friends (life is ironic-i have a friend who lives in NY but i rarely get to see and we both had to fly 400 miles away to see each other) catch up on lost sleep, (although i still have not been able to get rid of my twitching eye-VERY frustrating!) and do some shopping. what more could i ask for?

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Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm officially on a Internet hiatus because I'm unwinding in the frozen flatlands of Michigan but i resurfaced for a short while to buy nursing supplies online and I'm popping my head in to voice my frustration. I'm buying a stethoscope and I'm down to deciding between a Littman Classic II SE or a Littman Lightweight II SE. so far I've got equal votes for Classic and Lightweight. spend an extra 30 dollars on a better 'scope, which will pay out in the long run? or is it not worth it if I'm only doing blood pressure and the like? or should i not compromise on sound quality just to have a more comfortable, lighter stethoscope????