Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I've noticed something about frum people and speeches: they always mentioning gardening, trees, and flowers.

at bais yaakov plays, at bas mitzvah parties; young girls are always compared to flowers, and we're reminded how we must water the flower and care for it, so we can see it blossom into something wonderful.

in high school; we were told that in order to maintain the beauty and serenity of the flowers, we must weed out the evil weeds that try to choke the poor defenseless flowers (in other words, you're earrings are too long, your skirts to short, your shoes are too expressive, your shirt is too bright...)

at sheva brachos; the young bride is more often than not compared to a full grown flower, who is now somehow morphing into a gardener, and will soon grow her own patch of beautiful flowers.

to be fair, there is a source for this horticulture business. the first place that i can think of off the top of my head is Shir Hashirim, where it talks about Hashem descending to His garden to pick flowers, referring (i think) to the Asara Harugei Malchus.

so today i was not surprised when the director of the adult day care center we went to (frum, of course) compared the organization to a tree.
"...our place is like a tree. the main component, the trunk is health care. and of course, for a tree to survive, it needs roots....and it has to be watered...." to be honest, once she started comparing herself to a growing thing, i sort of half tuned her out, since I'd heard it so often, and looked around to judge the reactions of my classmates.

they were, for the most part, unimpressed. i guess they haven't grown up being told they have to weed themselves or they would choke.


G6 said...

You forgot Invei Hagefen ;)

frndnbr said...

ur high school teachers are completly right- everything bad that happens bad in this world is caused by high school girls wearing earings that are too long etc. in fact, when guys go walking around looking for girls, the things they focus on are totally your accesories. they notice ur earings and shoes (k maybe some of them really do but those are half gay LOL) and thats wat causes them to go to gehenim. its also the cause of the shidduch crisis ("uch my son cant go out with HER she wore long earings one day in high school, and this one time, i heard she went out in shoes that werent dull!!! My son desevres the very best!!! not some girl who dresses mamish like a shaygitz"), the swine flu, hungry kids in africa, AND teens at risk. Thats what happens wen u let such depravity invade first or homes, then our schools, and finally our heilige neshamos. Down with earings and shoes!!! In fact, we should institute a new rule that girls shouldnt be allowed to wear any makeup or jewelry till they are married and even then only in the privacy of their own home. That makes sense right?
Just be careful- if u weed and cultivate ur beautiful tree too much, and dont let the flowers toughen themselves up at least a little, then they will turn into fruits that just stay attached to the tree and never learn to leave and start their own tree. Now THAT would really cause a shidduch crisis ;)