Monday, April 27, 2009

the story of my incredible bag

after three semesters of toting three separate bags and walking around unable to open doors or answer my phone when it rang because my hands were so full, i ventured out to Target to find a bag that would be big enough to hold all my stuff.

and i came home with the most wonderful bag in the world.

it's bright green

and it's HUGE.

the first thing my mom said when she saw the bag was "the handle is going to rip" but that's what she says about every single bag that i buy. i think it's just like a knee-jerk reflex or something. but she's not the only one who didn't greet my new bag with unbridled joy and enthusiasm like i did when i first saw it.

my grandmother asked me why i bring my laundry bag with me everywhere i go.

one friend asked me how many bodies i can hide in it.

another friend's mother asked me if it's a zipped up sleeping bag.

some people started calling me Savta Simcha. others call me Mary Poppins.

yes, i know i look kind of funny when I'm looking for something in it and my entire head can fit in it, but it really holds EVERYTHING. right now, if i dump out it's contents, I'll find a Rubik's cube, two water bottles, a book I'm in the middle of reading, a folder with all my notes to study, flashcards, a pack of index cards, a small textbook, a book of NCLEX-RN review questions, my stethoscope, phone charger, computer charger, and a smaller cosmetic bag which holds my wallet, keys, change, blistex, penlight, pens, pencils, scotch tape, bobby pins, paper clips and rubber bands.

i dare you to find another book that can hold all that.


pl38 said...

It is amazing what you tote around. You seemed prepared for anything. The only trouble with bags like that is... it becomes really hard to keep track of the stuff inside.

Anonymous said...

As a guy, when I leave the house I put 3 things in my pockets: my phone, my keys, and my wallet.

Cacti Don't Cry said...

Doesn't your back hurt?! That's what happened to mine when I finally, gleefully, found a bag large enough to hold all the random crap I seem to NEED to carry around.

Something Different said...

I need one of those bags. I shlep around the most insanely huge amount of stuff in my bag, and it is WAY to small for it all...

nmf #7 said...

Heh. Just a warning, from someone who owned one of those monstrosities- my shoulder started to ache after a while. Then, I had to downsize on purpose.
Yet, I still love big bags.And green sounds beautiful and cheerful.

frnddtb said...

green=hottness. green bag is awesome, and all naysayers are stupid, nuff said

FBB said...

You are identifiable by that bag! One of my kids spied you out the window before you came inside. Well, not you so much as the bag!