Thursday, June 11, 2009

i have no clue what's going on with this weather. it seems like early or mid spring weather, not June. the ironic thing is that two months ago everyone was lamenting the weather-that it was too hot. now everyone's complaining that it rains too much.

so out come sweatshirts with hoods. but somehow they don't protect my hair from the little Frizz Fairies, who manage to find me the second i step out of my house. i know that somewhere in the recesses of my closet are a bunch of umbrellas, but i can never seem to find them when it's raining out.

today's choice of umbrellas was a red white and blue umbrella that didn't open, or a gigantic black one with broken spikes. so i fixed the black one and took it.

using an umbrella is not an easy feat. especially when juggling a huge bag, a computer, a coffee, and my notes. getting out of the house was not so hard, but getting into the car gave me problems. i opened the side door, threw all my things in, and then tried to get in on the driver side. i had to open the door, and in one motion, slide into the car, close the umbrella and slide it in with me without poking myself in the eye or getting water everywhere. the problem is that if i close the umbrella too soon, i get soaked. and if i wait till I'm all in the car the umbrella gets stuck and won't fold. 

but i managed somehow, and my umbrella was safe until i got to school and attempted to open it. i have the same problem getting out of the car. in one fluid motion i had to stick the umbrella out of the car, open it, and slip out underneath it. but when i opened the umbrella, it gave a loud "WHOOMP!" and the whole thing blew out. y'know in cartoons when a character is holding an umbrella in the rain, it blows the other way? that's what happened to me. i almost laughed out loud at myself, but i could feel my hair getting curlier by the second, and i knew there was no time for laughing. so i folded the umbrella back and tried again. thankfully it opened correctly. but by this time i was wet and late for class so i grabbed my stuff and ran. i felt Mary Poppin-like, with my massive black umbrella bobbing up and down. i don't know how she manages to look graceful with that thing, i can barely maneuver it, open or closed. 

i managed to get to and from school without taking anyone's eye out, which was a pretty big accomplishment. later that day i was doing some stuff around the pool with sister2. it wasn't rainy, but the sky looked like it could start raining any second. so i had my umbrella with me. it's hard to walk under decks and go through gates with an umbrella of that size, but i didn't want to get stuck without an umbrella. i felt so much like Mary Poppins that i tried dancing around the pool with it, singing "Step In Time" and "Sister Suffragette"

although i felt more like sister1 than Marry Poppins. she (sister1) likes to turn an ordinary space, like the top of a car, or the street under a streetlamp into a stage. 


Anonymous said...

get an extra umbrella and keep it in ur car. odds are most of the time ur going out driving anyways

DPLM said...

a smaller umbrella may help things a bit, (or even an automatic one). Why are you carrying so many things with you if you have such a big bag. You should only be carrying your coffee (because even if it fits it shouldn't go in there) and your umbrella. if your notes or computer don't fit in you bag when it is raining you need a different bag.