Sunday, June 7, 2009

just another sunday...

I've made my feelings about Sundays known. and June Sundays are the best. every one's either finished with school or up to finals, and no one's left for various summer jobs yet. i spent an hour sitting out in the sun with my favorite friends; a book and my ipod. (my phone isn't considered a friend because it's a part of me) and this time i even remembered to put on sun block! but I'm on my way to acquiring a nice tan, to compensate for last summer when i worked two office jobs and finished off the summer looking as though I'd spent the entire month of August in an office. 

my dad asked me to go to NJ with him to pick up a tool chest he had bought-New Jersey, the armpit of the United States, but still good enough for me to get my gas-i agreed to go with him. i thought it would be a simple trek to NJ, and then home again, where i could continue my conversation with the sun. but i didn't realize that the tool chest had to be put together. meaning, it had to be unloaded and unscrewed, a section of the shelf had to be sawed out, and the entire monster had to be rescrewed together, and the shelves had to be loaded in. of course the only fun  part was sawing away at the shelf. and of course that was the only part that my dad wouldn't let me do. 

men have funny ideas when it comes to girls and power tools. they'll trust you with their kids, their houses, and their cars. but ask them for a saw, and all of a sudden you're not responsible enough, mature enough, your fingers are too short, your hair is too long...the other thing they won't let you do is play sports. my uncle is vehemently opposed to girls participating in sports. this, as I've said before, is thanks to sister 1, who missed an easy catch because she was "fixing her hair" over the years she's insisted that she's really gotten better at sports. well, i was starting to believe her, until i watched her play basketball today. unfortunately she extracted a promise from me, not to post the videos anywhere. 

we are redoing our floors, so we've moved in by my mom's parents, who were away until today, which meant visits from uncle1 & co and aunt2 & co. i feel like I'm having one big sleepover because I'm sharing a room with sister1 and sister2. lots of fun, but kind of difficult when some of us have finals, some have summer class, and some work. thankfully it's been a long day, so the early sleepers have not yet retired, and the late sleepers are tired, so will probably go in soon. but i have to get off my computer now. sister1 shut the light and i can feel sister2 glaring at me from across the room because I'm making too much noise.

it's just as well. tomorrow is Monday, and I'm starting microbiology. six hour class. I'll definitely need any sleep i can get. 

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tembow said...

sounds like a blast :)