Friday, February 12, 2010

and i passed the first three skills of the semester!

stump wrapping was pretty easy, i practiced on the mannequins in school and then on sister2 at home. my aunt offered her kids to practice on, but thankfully they couldn't be of much help.

the other two skills were pouching a urostomy bag and irrigating a colostomy. and no, it's not as gross as everyone thinks it is. last semester i helped an LPN change a colostomy bag. it could have been the patient (who was very friendly and cheerful) but the experience wasn't as bad as I'd heard it would be.

so now I'm down three skills and I've got three more parts to go

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G6 said...

Can we have a "You might want to put aside your lunch now" warning next time please? :P

I'm glad you mentioned the patient. Humanizing them is what separates the good nurses from the great. Keep up the excellent work!