Friday, February 26, 2010

being stuck in the house for two days should have made me more productive. i think it just made me lazier. i wrote a paper and prepared a presentation I'm giving to my class, and studied a bit, but because of all the snow days my two exams got pushed off a week, so I've pushed off my studying. it was a double feature in the Family Sitcom. in yesterday's episode, Teenaged Girl slept till 12:30 until she was woken up by Thirteen Year Old Boy complaining loudly that he was starving and didn't know it was a fast yesterday. thankfully the musical instruments didn't make their appearance until later that evening, after Accountant had given up her attempts at working from home. This morning things were slightly less intense, as The Whole Family cooked together for shabbos (not as beautiful as it sounds, trust me) and finished Purim baking.

now G6 may have been first to hang up her Haman men, but i one-upped her; i hung up twenty. ten in the living room and ten in the dining room. that's what happens when there is lots of time and not much to do. and since there's been no sign of my dad's friend with his plow, it looks like we'll be here for a bit longer. a Brooklyn Cousin was supposed to be coming for Shabbos and Purim but i don't know how's she's getting here since we are all housebound.

this year it is our turn in the Purim Meal Rotation, and my mom's been trying to figure out if she can fit everyone in our house without having to take the couches out of the living room. a certain rebbe will be gracing us with his (pantless) presence as always, but this year he is coming with a slightly smaller entourage, as his gabbai and shamash are both away, opening their own branches of his chassidus in other towns.

i did not have ample time to create a costume this year, so i will be dressing up as a nursing student with a diamond ring. very original. next year i will be forcing Mr. FCG to dress up with me (only he doesn't know that yet. I'm going to wait to break the news to him) as far as mishloach manos goes, i baked cake for everyone else, but this year i will just be giving two minim to one person-just enough to fulfill my obligation. if you are looking for me on Purim morning, just look for me in the college library desperately trying to find another article on Hindu culture and health care beliefs to hand in to my clinical instructor on Monday morning.

oh the joys of being a student.

wishing all a happy and safe Purim.


G6 said...

Ummm.... Haman only had TEN sons (hence less than 20 on my front door - though I do have additional ones hanging from the light fixture....)

But more importantly.... WHAT'S WITH THE "Mr. FCG"?!??! Doesn't he even get the dignity of being "FCB" or "FCGsB"?

Re the PMR - I'd love an email containing damning video of a certain pantless performance ;).
I might even be willing to PAY ;)

Doobie said...

It sounds like fun. We never get snow days!

FBB said...

The costume was terrible!!! I love the Mr. FCG, moniker, and I, for the right price I have lots of damning video of the pantless wonder!

G6 said...

He promised me a poem, but it never materialized....
Wonder if I'm looking in the wrong place.....