Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dear fellow students at __________College,

i know that your schedule is every bit as demanding as mine. and i know that it's probably very stressful to have to be in school every morning as early as eleven am. and i know that you have a full load, balancing your math class with Intro to Literature and Sociology of Family and Marriage, especially since you're also taking four gym credits. and i know that feeling when you're running late, and everything is going wrong, and you have to go back into your house three times because you forgot your notebook, your phone charger, and your calculator. i know this because only last week it took me fifteen minutes to get from my room to my car because i had to keep turning around to get things I'd forgotten.

so you're already in a foul mood, and you know it's going to get worse because you didn't get a chance to have a smoke yet, and you don't want to smoke in your car because that is just revolting and disgusting, and you know you can't smoke on campus because the security has been extra vigilant about handing out tickets lately, so you zoom into the parking lot and start frantically looking for a spot. but I'm begging you, PLEASE don't take up two spots, just because you can't be bothered to take an extra second to straighten out your car. you have no idea how frustrating it is to see spot after spot that's not parkable because there's a car taking up two spots.

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Anonymous said...

why would u take 4 gym classes when u only need 3?