Thursday, February 28, 2008

answering machines

answering machines have a way of making the most talkative person tongue-tied and the shyest person become quite loquacious. take for instance, my dad. he never talks excessively. he only says what needs to be said. but when he comes up against an answering machine, he goes on and on and on. he says the most embarrasing thing is when he's in the middle of leaving a rather long winded conversation and the machine beeps and cuts him off. he always wonders what to do then. should he call back and finish the message? assume whoever was calling him got the message? and i'm quite the opposite. every the loquacious person, afte i hear that beep, i usually have to take a second to work up the courage to speak. my messages usually sound something like this:

"oh, right, hi it's me call me back"

which is why i hate leaving messages. so i never do it.

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The Babysitter said...

lol, that's so true, every time there's an answering machine, I feel like I have to prepare beforehand what to say.
Its funny though, when some people leave such long messages with all these details, and when its not the voice mail type, the whole house hears it.
Or when it is voice mail, and these people still think its an answering machine, they'll say "Are you there" "Pick up" as if you can here them, when you only get it later when you check the voice mail.