Thursday, February 21, 2008

"laughing is jogging on the inside"

i'm taking chemistry. and i already failed it in high school so i need to make sure that i'll do well in the class. so i signed up for a tutor through the college.

his name is Albert.

he tutors chemistry.

i was convinced he'd be a geek.

when i walked into the tutoring room i looked around for the dorkiest looking guy. there was a dude maybe 45 years old wearing a white shirt and tie (i looked for a pocket protector but didn't see one) with graying, thinning hair. i was sure this was albert. but i had no clue, so i txted a frum girl in my class who'd had a session with albert already, and asked her what he looked like; did he have glasses, grayish hair. she answered me

"Albert is hot."

by now i had convinced myself that the old guy was Albert so i thought she was kidding. but she insisted albert didn't wear glasses, and was like maybe thirty years old. i went over to the only other male tutor in the room and asked him if he was albert.

he was.

he's dark with a really cool looking tattoo on his arms, i guess he could pass for hot, though i would put him in the very cool category.

i still can't figure out why he doesn't go by the name Al or something, and how he could possibly like tutoring chemistry.

so i made it through the first tutoring session only slightly distracted by the tattoo (tattoos fascinate me)and came up with an observation.

Albert doesn't laugh.
He doesn't even smile.

this shocks me. how can you be a person who doesn't like humour? i know there's something to be said for having a little brevity when needed, but he didn't even smile when i introduced myself. now don't get me wrong, i wouldn't appreciate it if he wasted the time alloted making jokes instead of tutoring, but he was so serious almost to the point of being stiff. it couldn't have been trying to be professional cuz his clothing was too casual. and i could tell that it's just his personality to be like that.

i think laughing is good for you. i read somewhere that u actually get excersize all over, not just in your face, when you laugh. mental health professionals will tell you that it's good to laugh. heck you just feel better after you've had a good laugh. one of my favorite things to do is get together with my friends and reminisce until we're crying with laughter.

again, i understand that there's a time to be serious, and i can be serious. i'm not like one of those shmucks who makes jokes and makes everyone want to punch them. i just think that everyone needs a healthy dose of laughter. like they say (who they heck are "they" anyway?):

Laughter is the best medicine.


Yoni said...

I need to sign up to be a tutor. It would be really good for me emotionaly.

Yoni said...

oh, and if you have questions about chemistry or any other subject, or indeed which subjects are best to take, feel free to ask.

(I was the boy who read the encyclopedia (and later things like the kitzur and midrash says) for fun.)

(and a hint, do NOT take geology because you think it will be easy. Geology is mostly blind memorization, much less conceptual theory or math than most other sciences, because, well, geology is mostly a large assortment of facts, and it isn't even as intuitive as psychology. astronomy is somewhat similiar.)

(and if you have any tallent in math, applied physics is the way to go. its all so logical and fits together that, as I said, if you have any tallent for math at all its just a breeze.)

frumcollegegirl said...

heck no i'll leave the math and stuff up to my dad and sister. next month when i'll be taking inorganic chemistry, then i'll REALLY be stuck, then you can help me.

The Babysitter said...

cute title
I agree laughing is great for you.
By me I was able to choose between bio and chem and geo and physics, I chose geo, and I plan on taking bio. But I remember chem from HS, and I just love science! (at least much better than history) I'm not sure what the chem class is like, but here's a link that might be useful:
I used it for studying for the chem regents.
I took geology in the summer, practically 75% of the class were Jewish girls who just came back from their year in Israel, but it was a good class and I did really well!
I never used a tutor at college, so I dunno what its like, good luck with that!
But yea, sometimes these genius people surprise me, like one of my profs now, for music, he's this young guy who looks really cute, so you would think he listens to the radio and is into all the latest music, but he's not, he likes all the old stuff, and he said he never listens to the radio, he composes his own music.