Wednesday, February 20, 2008


what is it about people today that we're so dependant on our cellphones?
i noticed this recently when my phone was at verizon and i had no phone for three hours. on the one hand, i felt cut-off from civilization (in a way i was. i was in a park in nowheresville taking pictures for photography class)and panicked that someone would call me and i'd miss the call (my friends and i never leave voicemails. ever. it's a waste of time to listen to them)and i didn't even know what time it was cuz i wasn't wearing a watch! but then i realized that it kind of felt nice. i was just doing my thing, without being interrupted. it was like being a little kid again, when you can go out and play with your friends without having to worry about keys, wallet, phone, the whole purse thing. and guess what? i totally survived! nothing earth shattering happened in the three hours that i didn't have my phone (although it drove the technicians nuts cuz it kept vibrating with every incoming text)


frumskeptic said...

Oh boy am I dependent on my phone. Its pathetic. I try to avoid it once in a while, but I get paranoid and start remembering phone calls I'm expecting or w/e else...
Its really annoying. But I love the ability to have a phone. I never have to worry about quarters or anything. SO, for every good, a bit bad.

The Babysitter said...

"it was like being a little kid again, when you can go out and play with your friends without having to worry about keys, wallet, phone, the whole purse thing."

That's a very good point, I miss being able to just leave the house with my coat without having to bring a long my keys, wallet and phone.

But yea, people are dependent on their cellphones, by me I actually like it better when people leave me voice mails on my phone when I can't answer, cause this way I know exactly why their calling for when I get back to them.

Speaking of cellphones and Verizon, I recently saw in the news that Verizon is having a unlimited calling plan for $99 to get more costumers.

frumcollegegirl said...

i was thinking more about when i was younger and i went out. i never had id on me before i had a driver's license or credit cards. i could have been found stabbed in an alleyway and nobody would have known who i was (although i wasn't really the kind of 14 year old to go skulking around in dark alleys)

the only problem with not answering my phone is that one of my friends will freak out and probably call the cops or somehting, cuz she's used to me always answering the phone

The Babysitter said...

So then its a plus to have ID. The only ID I have is my college ID which doesn't help much as proof of my age.

Sounds like a devoted friend ;-)

But what about in class, if your phone rings/vibrate, do you answer it?

I personally think its funny to see people answer their phone in class and then say their in middle of class and they can't speak. I just don't answer and let the person figure out that I'm in class or busy.

frumcollegegirl said...

are you kidding, i do that all the time! it cracks my friend up that i pick up, say hello, chat for like a second, and then tell her i'm busy. but i don't pick up the phone for everyone, like if my mom calls, i won't pick up during class (duh) but i'm a big texter so i txt my way thru class. except my mom's been on my case to stop cuz she says it's rude (which i suppose it is)

The Babysitter said...

lol, your too funny!
But I was expecting to hear that you answered your phone during class, based on what you said before.
speaking of texting, did you see the video of what a Mom says in a day condensed to 2 minutes and 42 seconds (about)? one of the thing she mentions is texting, it was really funny.

frumcollegegirl said...

hello my mom made me memorize that song, it's become the mantra in our house! now instead of reprimanding us, she does it according to the tune! it's also my ringer for when she calls me

The Babysitter said...

really? thats so cute to use that, I didn't even think of using it as a ringer, thats adorable.
That reminds me, one time I was babysitting by someone and all of I sudden I hear a kids voice saying: Mommy you have a phone call (or something like that) and I was thinking where's that voice coming from, the kids are sleeping, then she takes out her cell, and it was the ringer of the cell.

frumcollegegirl said...

yea my fam. is very into personalized ringers. my sister's got one of me yelling at her to pick up the phone, one of my dad, one of my aunt had a ringer that was her daughters saying "pick me up, pick me up, i'm down here, in your bag, no not THAT pocket, the other one" i had lotsa cool ringers but then i started gettin replacement phones left and right so it didn't pay to put all the ringers on each time. now i ended up with an 'upgrade' i gotta get all my ringers back

The Babysitter said...

That's really cool, I never had a personalized ringer, but I have an old phone from a year ago, maybe my next phone I'll be able to do that, although I always keep in on vibrate, cause I'm too lazy to switch it every time I go to class and come out.

btw, its funny how the post was about cellphones, then went off topic and came back on topic again. (Ringers--Cellphones)