Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've always loved office supplies. they're both fun and functional.

take white out. in school, white out provided me and my friends with hours and hours of entertainment. we rarely used it to correct mistakes in our notes (notes? who took notes in elementary school?) but we used it as paint, as glue, as nail polish...i knew someone who used to sniff white out to get high. once i fell asleep in class only to wake up with white out all over my arm. my friend had decided to decorate it. it took me days to wash the stuff off. and with the invention of white out tape, i had even more fun. i went correction crazy. i just loved playing with it.

another favorite is the stapler. but even more fun are the electric ones. it took me awhile to get used to them though. the ones in my office make really loud noises which made me jump every time someone stapled papers together. but i got over my fear by taking a bunch of papers and repeatedly shoving them into the stapler until i was able to do so without flinching. sometimes when I'm bored i play a game with myself and see if i can stick paper in and then yank it out before it gets stapled.

my most recent toy is the staple remover. until now i always used a remover that looked like a monsters mouth with fangs. now i have a stick one. but the cool part about is that the bottom of remover is magnetized to pick up little bent staples. sometimes i wave the bottom of it over my desk and mutter "accio staples!" and pretend I'm practicing my spells as i watch the staples jump off the desk.

tape can be fun, but quite tricky. once when i was working in a bungalow colony we ran out of flytraps and the screen was ripped, so we created a flytrap out of masking tape. unfortunately one morning as i got out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom, i blundered into it, bringing the whole contraption down in sticky shambles around me. it took me a good five minutes to untangle myself from it. how's that for a rude wake up?

scissors have always been somewhat of a sore point. they don't make lefty scissors and righty scissors give me blisters. i tell you, it's not easy being a left-handed person in a right-handed world.


Yoni said...

of course they make lefty scissors!

You can definitely get them online, and your local office depot probably has them. :)

(and it sounds like you're having a delightful time. I wish I could be so free.)

The Babysitter said...

I could never stand the smell of white out. I like the tape ones though, they don't smell and they make it so neat and easy. But I never really played around with it.

We used to make glue bracelets in elementary school. Where we would pour some glue into the middle of our hand then wait for it to dry then make a whole in the middle of our hand, ten rub the glue out to form a circle.

Ahh those electric staplers scare me. I was at school and had to staple stuff I printed and they ran out of regular staples so I used the electric one and I was afraid to put the paper in, then it would shoot out and make a loud noise and there was no time to get the paper aligned in the right spot so the staple would come out too far into the page.

I never saw the magnetic staple remover, that sounds cool. Sounds like your having a fun time at work, I have an e-mail to send you about office stuff.

I never knew scissors were made just for righties.