Wednesday, July 30, 2008

lately I've noticed that people believe you've got the power to bless others on your Hebrew birthday. i guess it's nice to receive these blessings, but where does it come from? is there a known source? or did it start like many other segulos, one person did it, and all her friends decided it would be a good thing to do...? like the jewelry under the chuppah. it's a well-known thing that the bride and groom can't wear gold jewelry under the chuppah. who was the first person to make it into a segula? perhaps it was just a friend who wore the kallah's jewelry and jokingly said, "maybe it's a segula to get married" and from there it became yet another thing for the kallah to worry about during her wedding:whose going to get what jewelry. it's become a whole hierarchy. if there is an older single relative she gets the engagement ring. then the best friend, and so on. i was at a wedding where they totally forgot about this, and only realized under the chuppah. a cousin rushed up to take the jewelry and distribute it among the friends. my friend ended up with the chatan's silver watch. every one's so busy with the little things, that they forget to focus on what's really important.

so back to the blessing. it's become more than just wishing someone all the best. you have to list all the important ones:should find a shidduch, at the right time, should have money so your husband can sit and learn, have good kids that don't give you heartache and stress headaches, should get along well with mother-in-law so you get to inherit some of the family jewelry....i once observed someone giving a blessing, who was interrupted by someone talking to her, and insisted on starting from the beginning. apparently this blessing-giving has been given the same status as saying birkat hamazon. i dunno about all this. i think I'll leave the blessing to parents on Friday night, and the cohanim on yomim tovim


The Babysitter said...

I've noticed that too lately. I got 2 brachos this year from people on their Hebrew B-day. I think there's a known source for it, someone told me it, but I forgot it.

I thought the no Jewlery under the Chupah had a reason, my mother once told me, but again I forgot. I'll find out. For some reason I think the answer has to do with something that shouldn't be discussed in public, if so then I'll e-mail you the answer.

The Babysitter said...

About the Jewelry is because under the chupah its like Yom Kippur, they say vidoy, their dressed in white and everything, so another thing is to take off Jewelry.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Never heard the birthday bracha thing. it most probably originates from the wish (for yourself) when blowing out the candles, which turned into give ME a brachah. (emphasis on the "me")

Child Ish Behavior said...

Personally, everyday is my Birthday. I just go around and shout God bless you at the strangest people( even if i don't hear them sneeze.)

On the real day of my birth though I make sure to complain about not receiving enough presents. When I finally shut up this is the biggest blessing that anyone in the world can actually give.

David_on_the_Lake said...

well being that my birthday is right around the corner..I wouldnt mind some good blessings...(we can all use em).

I think the source is from the 2nd perek in tehillim..seventh and eighth pesukim..Hashem says "...ani hayom yilidetiycha, Sha'al mimeni va'etna..."

Duby said...

i totally chanced upon your blog and its really funny !!!!

ummm i dont want to sound like a know it all - but teh concept of blessings on your birthday is becasue your neshama is given added strengths and renewed energy to be able to take on new mitzvos etc.. so the concept is that with your new koach you have the power to give that energy and blessings to others.

As for hte jewelry under the chuppah - the reason is that the chosson "acquires" the bride with a golden ring (the ring must be worth a certain amount) and in the olden days they didnt want there to be any mistunderstandings with other "prices" so she takes off all the jewelry - so shes being acquired through that set price in the ring (i know its terribly sexist)

having said that -- happy birthday !!! :)