Tuesday, July 29, 2008

procastinators of the world unite...tomorrow!

there's a fine art to wasting time. it's more than just sitting around and not doing anything. no, you have to know the when and where. sometimes, it's about quietly disappearing. in a way that no one looks for you. my younger sister is an expert on that one. many times we'll finish clearing up the kitchen, and only then will we realize that she's been AWOL for quite awhile. i think the trick is to disappear BEFORE the task is announced. sometimes you can't quite get away, but you have to know how to move so people think you're actually doing something substantial. in my cousin's house, everyone was clearing the table one shabbos afternoon, and after a good ten minutes, they caught my cousin walking back and forth between the dining room and kitchen with nothing in his hands! at work, as long as you look like you're concentrating hard on your screen, you can get away with surfing. depending on the angle of your screen, you can appear to be intently perusing some documents when you're really blogging, checking out news, or even playing spider solitaire. and if you're REALLY good, you can waste an afternoon when you should have been studying or writing a paper, and not even feel guilty about it. that's the hard part. at the end of the day, you can actually think about what you did, and feel like you accomplished something, instead of that little voice in your head, which never quite goes away, nagging you about all the tasks you need to do.

yes, it's more than just wasting time.


Child Ish Behavior said...

Wow. That is the story of my life. So amazing, it is also the story of everyday this summer.

The Babysitter said...

that's so true, you have to hide before the task is given out. I'm good at that too.
About the work stuff, reminds me of that e-mail I sent you.
Amazing all the effort that's put into appearing your doing stuff, for the same effort you might as well do it. I mean if your walking back and forth between the kitchen and the dining room, might as well accomplish something at the same time.
When I finish a day of procrastination I never feel like I got anything done.
But then yesterday was a weird case, I sent out all the e-mails I had too in the morning, and because I was accomplishing stuff I was procrastinating with my school stuff, and then I finished my lab right on time to get to school right on time to hand it in.