Monday, March 16, 2009

having Jewish classmates who aren't religious can put you through experiences that range from funny, to awkward, and downright embarrassing.

on Purim morning when i was in clinical, the nurse manager on duty was talking about the daily schedule. she mentioned that since it's Purim, the schedule was different. Tatiana looked at me and asked

"what's Purim?" so i said

"oh well it's Jewish holiday..."

"no i know that" she said "but what is it? like why do you celebrate it?"

well, how do you sum up Purim in 50 words or less, to a Latino girl who would get offended if i told her we were celebrating the fact that some non-Jewish guy wanted to kill Jews? before i could begin to explain what it was, Jan (who's nonreligious) leaned forward and said

"it's like a cross between Christmas and Halloween" then he looked at me and explained "well, Halloween because you dress up, and Christmas because you give out presents"

i didn't know whether to laugh or cry.


Mikeinmidwood said...

thats funny cause it appears to them like that,but in essence its really different.

tembow said...

yeah, to non-Jews im sure it seems like that... an excuse to dress up and get drunk
but its essence, like MIM said, is totally different. there's so much for potential for spirituality on purim

Insipired said...

How sad. I do not know if you are into any sort of Kiruv at all but if you are willing, don't let opportunities like this pass. (not for the Latino but for the Jew) Try to tell him what it is really about. "We are celebrating G-d's miraculous saving of the jews from annihilation many years ago." If he asks for more be prepared to answer. You may want to get ready for these sorts of questions before every Holiday. Good Luck

Doctor G. W. Greunkern said...

Just use the standard answer

"They tried to kill us, G-d saved us, lets eat"

Anonymous said...

So much condescendingness....

I'm sure its extremeley akward being arond Jews aren't religius?