Sunday, March 8, 2009

my favorite part of sleeping is the part right before falling asleep, when I'm floating in and out of consciousness, unable to talk, but able to hear what's going on around me. if you ask me what my favorite activity is, I'll say sleeping. of course, i like other things too. like poetry. and walking on the beach. and poking dead things with a stick. but sleeping is pretty high on the list. maybe it's because I'm always at a sleep deficit.

but i got woken up too many times over the weekend when i was just falling asleep.

on Friday i was so exhausted, having just finished a very full week, and decided to nap. just as i was settling in to my 'happy place', my phone buzzed. i got a text from my cousin who said she would be arriving at 4:30. i had no clue she was coming. and when i told my mom about it, she didn't either. i think my cousin had wanted to come last week but it didn't work out so my mom suggested this past week. it was just weird because she never touched base with my mom to confirm. so i hopped out of bed to go find linen to put on the bed in the guest room, and went back to sleep.

about half hour later when i was just drifting off, my phone buzzed. my cousin had arrived and i had to go pick her up from the bus.

shabbos afternoon i tried to study a bit, but memorizing drug names made me sleepy. i had just settle down when sister1 came to wake me up for seudah shlishit.

and this morning my mom came into my room at like 8:30 to tell sister1 that her boss was ready to go to work (She's an accountant so she works on Sundays during tax season)

all together, it's been a very frustrating weekend in the sleep department.

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tembow said...

i totally agree with you! i am just soooo zonked! just made tons of mishloach manos and there's still more to go...... zzzzz