Tuesday, March 3, 2009

so why are people so anti-facebook?

OK, i take that back, i know why people are against it.

at a wedding recently, when the conversation turned to facebook, one girl told me,
"my mom doesn't want me to have facebook, 'cuz this whole thing happened to a cousin of mine, she was on facebook and she met this guy, whatever, she was like sort of off the derech anyway, but now she's totally not frum"

i understand the dangers, but i think at some point you gotta give people credit to be able to make the right choices.

for me, the real danger would be an addiction. i don't waste time sending flowers, or free gifts, or throwing cheesecake at my friends. in fact, the only applications i have are the Harry Potter Trivia (so my friends and i can vie for the spot of top Harry Potter junkie) and Pieces of Flair (so my friends can send me buttons that talk about how Harry Potter is better than Twilight, women are greater than men, and nurses are greater than everyone else. oh, and they try to tempt me with teasers about Twilight so I'll finish the series ) aside from that, i just love the easiness it is to keep in touch with everyone. it's having email, flickr, YouTube, and AIM all on one page.

and it's convenient too. when i had a test on electrolyte imbalance, and i was desperate, i put up my status about wanting to learn about it, and a friend emailed some recorded lectures she had from class. and when my aunt saw her brother-in-law's status about wanting to send something from England to the US, she told him that sister1 was actually in England.

you've just gotta weigh the good and bad and make a decision for yourself.

and on a totally different, but slightly related topic; it bugs me when people don't spell things correctly. facebook has spell check, people! in case you didn't realize, you can right click on the words that have a red squiggly line underneath them, and there are suggestions for the correctly spelled word. and why do people always ask me if I'm going for speech when i correct their grammar? is it so crazy to want to speak correctly?


EsPes said...

i <3 facebook

nmf #7 said...

Yeah- but as you said- facebook can become addictive. Really addictive. I know some who check several times a day...
Why would someone ask if you were going for speech if it's a grammar problem? Wouldn't an english major be more appropriate?

G6 said...

Don't get me started on spelling.
I never know whether it is appropriate to inform somebody of spelling errors in their blog posts. I don't want to embarrass them but NOT telling them just serves to embarrass them in a more public venue...

Something Different said...

I know someone who bought a laptop and a wireless modem and pays for the monthly Internet service just so she could have facebook whenever/wherever she goes.
(She didn't admit that to me, but I've seen her at it...)
G6- I know I make frequent spelling mistakes on my blog because I type them up on a mobile device which does not have spell check. I try to check when I get on my laptop, but I don't always remember... I would want to be corrected- in an email though. :-)