Sunday, March 15, 2009

it happens once a semester, about the same time as midterms. students start making decisions about running for positions in the Student Government. in order to run for president, you need to have a certain amount of signatures. so the would-be-candidates walk around the computer lab, library, and student lounge, where the biggest congregation of student body can be found. they'll walk around from table to table, shove their papers under your nose, and mumble incoherently at you.

"what's this?" i asked a short Asian guy who was hovering behind me. between the noise of the library, his accent, and the impossibly low level at which he was speaking, i could barely hear him.

"um, I'm running for student government. would you sign my petition and support me?"

"sure, what's your platform?" i asked

"my what?"

"your platform? what changes are you going to make if you win? i mean, if you want me to support you, you have to tell what you're going to do for me"
he thought about this for a minute

"well, i think I'll get rid of Pluralism and Diversity (the college core for all degrees) i feel like it's a big waste of time, and you gain enough experience in diversity in the college"

(this is why he wants to run for student Governor. so he can get rid of a class that he already took)

so i took the pen and i signed his platform.

the whole Student Government is a big joke to me. in fact, i was just about to make fun of the Hillel government on Friday night, when our guest said to me,
"oh, you go to ________ College? do you know my son? he's the treasurer of the Hillel"


last semester, there was a frum guy running for some government office. i don't necessarily take part in the elections, but he was standing outside the Student Union building, giving out pencils. when he saw that i was wearing a skirt, he said "you know you want to vote for me!" and handed me a pencil that had his name on it. i took the pencil, wished him luck, and told him that he might get more votes if he gave out sharpened pencils. but then i voted for him anyway.

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Anonymous said...

"but the" what?

frumcollegegirl said...

fixed it, thanks