Sunday, July 19, 2009

every time i travel to anywhere in New York City, i find it strangely fascinating all over again.

as usual, my day began with an attempt to parallel park. always an amusing feat to observe, this time i managed to get in with minimal maneuvering. i had fit in a very tight spot, and prayed that by the time I'd get back, the monster SUV behind me would be replaced by a smaller car. i found the crook lock, but had no clue where the key was, so i didn't bother with that. i had texted someone for directions, but i was underground by the time i got them, so i had to manage on my own, and wonder of wonders, i figured out which train to take.

the subway was very full, and i sat in the corner, squashed between a couple returning home after a long weekend (they had three huge suitcases with them) and a young woman with her loudly babbling baby. and then, to add to the din, a fellow got on the train and started singing Amazing Grace at the top of his lungs. through all this, i was trying to concentrate on my book, because i really need to finish it and return it to the library, but i only ended up reading about two paragraphs.

when i got to the park, i realized that i had no clue where in the park i was supposed to meet my friend. the park spans about 50 blocks, and there are two maps in the whole place. after twenty minutes, i found the first one. i spotted exactly where i wanted to go-but i couldn't find the You Are Here sticker. i didn't want to turn to the woman next to me and ask her "excuse me, but can you tell me where i am?" so i waited until no one was around, and i ran my fingers over the entire map until i felt the sticker. once i found the correct path, it was only a little more wandering until i met up with my friend.

the rest of that adventure was uneventful, and i had no problem locating the correct subway to get home. the A train was packed to capacity. think the number 2 bus on the way back from the Kotel, Friday afternoon. i spent my way back squashed between a man with a diamond nose stud complain that he payed an extra 25 cents, only to have to suffer through the train making only local stops, and a girl telling her friend that she was creating a design of the how the universe runs, to get tattooed on her entire back. and people thought i was weird for wearing a skirt.
by the time i got back to my car, there was a smaller car behind it, and i was able to get out without hitting anything or anyone.


Doobie said...

what made you think to feel for the "you are here" sticker on the map if you couldn't see it? I thought that was brilliant.

frumcollegegirl said...

what can i say, i'm brilliant

%Shocked% said...

Lol to the parallel parking! I'm from Toronto, currently living in NY (carless :(..grr) and we actually HAVE parking lots, garages, and driveways to park our cars, so rarely is parallel parking necessary. Needless to say, I'm not the greatest paralell parker out there either, and I often give up after unsuccessful try #12 and have somebody else do it. Once some random frum guy graciously offered to do it for me. I sighed with relief and moments later turned purple with embarrassment as he slid the car into the parking spot with such ease you'd think he was a valet in his spare time. I learned a very important lesson that day. Never let strangers park your car for you. Who knows what they'll do ;).