Sunday, July 26, 2009

i can't believe the summer is halfway over already. there are so many things that i planned to do, and have not yet had a chance.

i was supposed to go camping with my dad and sister2 (sister1 is not much for outdoor things) but we never got a tent, and every Sunday evening something else seemed to happen. now she's in camp, and when she gets back, I'm starting school and it's going to be too cold.

i was supposed to be nice and tanned by the end of the summer. not a crazy leathery-wrinkled-sun-damaged-tan, but a nice healthy glow. but despite some good kick off burns, my skin has remained pitifully white. then again, I've been comparing it to cousin3, The Brown Cousin. i think she secretly goes to a tanning salon. (i wonder if her mother knows)

i was supposed to go boating-not row boating around a little lake, but rent a speedboat and spend the day out on the water. then i looked online at prices, and i don't have enough money for it. and my friends were not so impressed with the idea. one doesn't live locally and Sundays never seem to work out for her. one is interning in the DA's office, and only seems to have off on days when it's cloudy. one friend doesn't like water activities. one friend won't do anything that would make her hair knotty.

i was supposed to go the beach very often. so far i went once. it was with my interning friend, so of course it was cloudy. it was also before the beach was officially open so we couldn't go into the water. the second my big toe came near the shoreline, the park official came zooming up in a cloud of exhaust and told us to move back. so we sat on the beach and ate tuna sandwiches. i tell you, eating on the beach gives a whole new meaning to the word sandwich. yuk.

i was supposed to go see a Broadway show with my friend. at least i can still do that after the summer's over, but it's going to be a lot harder once we're both back in school-mode.

i was supposed to spend an evening catching fireflies. this is one activity i hope i never outgrow. of course now i do it in the privacy of my backyard where nobody can see me. there's nothing like running around after glowing little bugs, trying to catch them. don't worry, i don't keep them, i let them go.

i know i still have another month left to the summer, but I'm going away for august, and when i come back, there won't be any summer left.


CJ Srullowitz said...

I try to go to the beach every Wednesday. Buddy Dan and I blow off work (hence the moniker Blow Off Work Wendnesday) and head for the beach. Last year we checked out a whole bunch, some great (volleyball in Southhampton) others, yuck (that Connecticut rock strewn pit off the LI Sound).

But my fave turns out to be Seaside Heights on the Jersey Shore (nearby Lakewood of all places). There is this one spot I found with parking out back, no entry fee, very few people so there's privacy (only locals it seems and most are working during the week), beautiful sand, gorgeous view of the Atlantic.

Doobie said...

Maybe you should not be looking for a job so you can do all the lazy hazy summer activities you planned. Or maybe you do need a job to pay for some of the fun. We could always go bowling ;)

G6 said...

I love fireflies... they're so magical.
Can I come some time to your yard and catch them with you?