Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i hate playing the waiting game

i took my microbiology practical yesterday, and now I'm waiting for my grade.

and the suspense is killing me.

my classmates told me I'm too nervous for someone of my age, but i can't help it. testing conditions just make me really nervous. i can't sit and study with everyone, and i can't stand around afterwards and listen to the professor announce all the correct answers. for one thing, i never remember exactly which answer i wrote for which question. and furthermore, what good will it do me to know that i may have possibly answered five questions incorrectly? I'll just stress about what my grade may be. no, I'd rather wait a week to hear from my professor.

so I'm stalking in my inbox.

my aunt says i need a blackberry.

i just want to know that the hours i spent memorizing various antibiotic agents and biochemical charts weren't for naught.


Something Different said...

Forward your emails to your texting (your number@vztext.com or whatever your carrier is). You only get the first 160 characters, but it let's you know the basics (you got an email, who it's from, the subject, and the first few words.) Also, you know to check your email.


Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

I know what you mean with the waiting. Thank goodness I'm done with that now.

The Kosher Bride said...

The waiting certainly sucks, but if you're going into anything in the health fields I am afraid you are going to have to get used it. It sadly, never ends. I had an exam at least once a week for the first two years of medical school and the licensing exams take about six weeks to get back.

Developing tactics to take your mind off of it now will be very beneficial for later. And the blackberry may not be a good idea. I have seen grades come in little pdf files and the blackberry owners get super frustrated because while they can download them they cannot open them. They know they have a grade and they can't access it. SUper frustrating.

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