Monday, January 25, 2010

Tonight my vacation ends.

well technically it ends tomorrow at 2pm when my class starts, but as of tomorrow morning I'll be in "school mode"

i know some people are bored by the end of their vacations, and ready to go back to school, but i for one could do with another two or three days of vacation. above all, i love having the free feeling of no obligations, and not always hearing my conscience nag me about studying, or reviewing.

my resolutions for the upcoming semester:

learn all the skills within the first month, and get tested right away

read a little bit every day so Shabbos afternoon can be reserved for sleeping

talk to my friends once a week so they don't feel like I've abandoned them

make sure to stay ahead of my class so i won't fall that far behind over Pesach

not use class as an excuse to miss weddings that i just don't feel like going to (unless it's a legitimate reason)

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