Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm a human being, but there are those of my kind who i cannot understand.

i wonder if there are other species that have such a complex and diverse range. I'm guessing not.

I'm taking my lecture classes with a neighbor and old friend of mine. i say old friend because we were sort of friends, even though we were in different high schools, and then i didn't see her for almost two years because she went to seminary the year after me. but now we've become friends again, especially since we're going to school together.

it's kind of nice to take classes with someone frum, but I'm hoping we don't get sick of each other before we graduate (something that is very likely to happen, because we don't mold together so well) sister1 went through high school and college with her best friend, and they took almost all their classes together. but their friendship was much stronger than mine and neighbor1's friendship.

we were talking about our schedules and how much time we put in, and i told her that i spent all morning in the school library, studying and doing homework. she reacted in a funny way. she got almost annoyed at me, and told me that she has less free time than me because she's taking three more classes than i was. i was a little surprised. i guess she felt threatened than i was putting in more work? i validated her feelings and admitted that yes, she did have the heavier workload of the two of us. and i guess i won't bring that topic up again.

but i still understand what bothered her.

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Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

It's interesting cause I've had this type of conversation once before. A girl was telling me how a friend of hers is only taking 3 classes and complaining that school is too hard, and here she was taking 6 classes. So she said some people are just not made out for school. So I was thinking that it really doesn't matter how many classes you take, its the effort you put into them, and how hard the classes are individually. The semester where I took 6 classes, I got A's in 5/6. But then the semester where I took less classes I didn't do as well. So it doesn't have to do with how many classes you take, but rather the amount you put into it.

I used to go to the school library to read and study, I should start doing that again now...Instead I'm using my 2 hour break on the computer catching up on reading blogs. Maybe soon I'll change that.