Friday, February 6, 2009

so my dad's really excited about this shabbos. it's going to be the first in like three months that my entire family is home for shabbos.

brother 2 stays in yeshiva for shabbos. i think he's trying to set a record or something, which is fine with sister 1. he's been away alot. at his last off shabbos he went away with a friend.

i also haven't been home in awhile. I've either been away for shabbos, or away for meals. my mom's sister pointed out to her a few weeks ago that my whole family hasn't been home for awhile (i dunno why she's keeping tabs on us) and my mom's been campaigning for a family shabbos since then. last week we were all around, but we were at my grandparents, because they're shul had a carlebach shabbos, and my parents are die-hard fans of carlebach music. the kind of fans who were into R' Shlomo before he passed away, not after, like the rest of the Jewish music world.

so this week we're all home. my dad deemed this a special week so we're getting sushi. usually sister 1 makes it, but we like store-bought sushi even better.

i for one, have sleeping to do, and ALOT of reading. this has been one busy week, but i didn't not enjoy it, because i feel like I'm finally learning stuff that i want to learn. this week i learned how to wash my hands (not that i didn't know how) give a bed bath, and change the dressing on a wound. and next week i get to put on my uniform (or my costume, as my mom calls it) and actually go to one of the facilities.

can't wait.

have a good shabbos, y'all.

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Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

That's great you had a good shabbos with everyone together.

enjoy getting to put on your "costume"