Sunday, January 3, 2010

Blogger is reunited with missing ipod after three weeks

last night in an astounding turn of events, a local blogger's missing ipod turned out, seemingly out of nowhere. sister1 was sitting on the couch and noticed a baseball card sticking up between the cushions. she dug into the couch and flicked a handful of cards onto FCG's lap.

"oh, look what's here!" she exclaimed, and the ipod landed on FCG'S lap. there were exclamations of surprise and delight all around.

"i know that FCG has been very worried about her ipod. she called me every two days to see if it had turned up in my apartment" commented a friend

so far the ipod has not yet spoken about what it was doing in the couch or how it got down there.

"I'm just very happy to have it back" said FCG in a statement to the press "right now I'm just going to spend time recharging and reconnecting with my ipod"


Rachelli Dreyfuss said...

mazel tov! this is definitly a blog worthy post! i hate the feeling of losing something like that...
dont you wish you could use ctrl+f on life??
so happy for you :D may you and your ipod share many songs together.

G6 said...

Oh, I'm so happy for you.
This kind of reminds me of the time that a certain cousin of yours attended our annual talent night and lost his money clip.
We searched high and low.
HE searched high and low.
We subsequently made a vort and moved all the furniture out of the room.
We then made Pesach and took all the cushions etc. off the furniture and vacuumed every inch.
Then, lo and behold, months later, one of the kids is sitting on the loveseat reading and their foot pokes something hard - the money clip.
We had taken that loveseat apart more than once in search of the clip, chometz, etc....