Sunday, January 10, 2010

whoever said that ice cream is a summer food obviously grew up way to quickly. and I'm willing to bet you'll find those people drinking coffee in the summer.

there's something about ice cream that's an all-weather, all-occasion food. the only time that's not optimal for eating ice cream is when you're actually thirsty, because it does nothing to quench your thirst, and will only make you thirstier. this probably a result of the salt that's found in ice cream, in addition to all the other solutes (sugars, fats, amino acids) that make your blood more concentrated and giving your hypothalamus the signal of dehydration.

in any event, ice cream is good a boredom buster, tastes good with waffles, and comes in white to minimize stains. what more could you want out of food?

when you go to an ice cream store you'll find two different kinds of ice cream eaters. the first category are those who are willing to try anything. every time they order ice cream they'll try out a different flavor. pistachio, chocolate chip mint, rose petals, garlic, grass, name it. I've seen every single one of those flavors. the only one I've tried is mint chocolate chip. the reason why i don't take risks when it comes to ice cream is because i love plain vanilla ice cream, or cookie dough, and hate the thought of "wasting" an order of ice cream for something i won't be able to finish. take caramel or peanut butter for instance. I've tried the free samples and they were delicious. but it's very hard to finish a whole cone of caramel flavored ice cream. it's just too much. so i stick with the flavors i know i like.

when i was a kid i truly believed that ice cream was supposed to be eaten in a cone the same way soup was to be eaten with a spoon-i wouldn't have dreamed of eating it any other way. when i say cone i mean obviously mean sugar cone and not those awful fake waffle Styrofoam things. now i never eat ice cream in a cone, because i find that i end up with one big sticky mess.

so i just stick to vanilla ice cream in a bowl, and that makes me very very happy :)


Hesh said...

Where can I get kishka?? I would like to try that.
I also always get one flavor—vanilla bean.

harry-er than them all said...

Yup! there is nothing like plain old vanilla.

Mirage said...

I agree that ice cream is for any season. It's funny how many people exclaim-"you want ice cream?! It's so cold outside!" Well, it's not like I'm going to be standing outside in the freezing cold and eating it.
I love taking vanilla and mixing it with some pb, but my favorite is mint chocolate chip (preferably, it should be green).

Mikeinmidwood said...

Nothin but cookie dough for me.

FBB said...

The concept of anything caramel related being too much is just so foreign to me.

Now, had you said peanut butter.....

Otherwise, yes, Ice cream - anytime, anyplace.

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