Tuesday, January 5, 2010

i hate the game of Clue.

it's the only game that my father refuses to play with my little brother, who loves it. my mother has no problems playing the game, and tonight i got roped (no pun intended) into playing with them.

for starters, i never remember the actual logistics of the game, and i need a little refresher course each time i play. the first round was over in about four seconds when i (unknowingly) gave away the answer. I'm still not sure how i managed that.

in addition, i kept accidentally leaving my top card face up, causing my mother, brother2, and sister2 to dive for the pens and start scratching off their paper.

while venting my frustration, sister1 announced that the "only way to play this game, like any other strategy game, is to cheat" but even with her looking at the other players' cards and texting me, i still couldn't' manage to win.

it's hard enough trying to remember who showed me which cards, i can't sit trying to figure out which card my sister is showing my brother, and what he's crossing off. I'm just as happy to let Col. Mustard get away with murder. but don't bother asking me where or how he did it. because i have no clue.


G6 said...

Surely you jest!
It's an *awesome* game that I've blogged about more than once.
But in my house, you either take the game seriously (like Joey) or you don't play (like Avram).
In MY house if you left your card face up, nobody would begin furiously scratching, unless you're referring to scratching your eyes out while yelling at you for ruining the game play!
Sister 1 is DEFINITELY NOT invited to the next game in our house, unless she wants to mope around in the kitchen with Avram... (he's usually doing Shabbos dishes. She can dry...)

Lvnsm27 said...

When I was a kid, I had different moments. Sometimes I liked playing board games and cards, and sometimes I wasn't in the mood. Now I look back at those memories :)

FBB said...

I love games, cheaters drive me crazy, because they just ruin it for people trying to have a good time.

G6 said...

FBB and I agree on something!
Let's make a seudas hodo'oh.
Cake anyone ;) ?

Staying Afloat said...

Clue with texting? Oy. Which makes me wonder if iPod as a app that replaces the old-fashioned papers for checking things off.

BTW, if you showed a card in my house, my brother would say, "If you want to be stupid, that's your business."