Monday, January 18, 2010

today the Far Away Cousins came home from school and told my aunt that not a single one of their teachers discussed or even mentioned Martin Luther King today. coming from a New York high school, i wasn't that surprised, because they never mentioned MLK day, September 11th, Kristallnacht, Pearl Harbor Day. i'm not putting all those days in the same category, or listing them based on importance, those were just things that were never discussed in my school. (I was actually the only one who even knew what and when Pearl Harbor Day was because i did a report on Hawaii and the U.S.S. Arizona when i was in fifth grade)

But for an out-of-town school, i was mildly surprised that they didn't discuss it. perhaps even more surprising, was that some girls in high school didn't even know that it was a legal holiday (i think the district doesn't have buses)

so in my own way i'm commemorating the man who gave one of the most powerful speeches i've ever heard, and perhaps the largest demonstration for civil rights in the history of the United States.

Let freedom ring.

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tesyaa said...

Thank you for the public service.