Sunday, August 10, 2008

life is like a roll of toilet paper; the closer to the end, the faster it goes

life is rushing by, moving too fast to take anything for granted. like a train, it's hurtling down the tracks at breakneck speed, and the scenery is rushing past, never to be seen again. each day, each hour that goes by, never will return, and you can never get it back. I've barely had a time to blink, and already the summer is halfway over.
i can feel it in the air at night. it's getting cooler. august weather is way cooler than July, i have to grab a sweatshirt when I'm on my way out. and i don't run my air conditioner every night
i can see it in the frenzied ads for school supplies. home depot, walmart, staples...every time i go out I'm bombarded with ads and commercials. time to to stock up on those pens and pencils. i gotta go through my stacks of notebooks and see how many new ones i have to buy for the coming semester
i can hear it in the everyday conversations around me. the little cousins are going shopping for shoes. the new freshmen are anxious about starting a new school, getting used to new rules. the high school seniors are anticipating their last year. my friends who are going off to Israel are starting to pack.
i can smell it in the air. it still smells like summer, but underneath, one can faintly detect the slightly smokey autumn scent.

where has my summer gone? i was full of plans in may. i was going to visit my friend upstate. i blinked, and and now she's busy again. i was going to hang out with my friend who was living in new jersey. i turned around, and she's back home in Israel. i was going to make good use of that photography class i took...I'd better hurry, because the leaves are going to turn from green to red to brown. i wanted to volunteer more, to spend less time inside and more time outside. less time talking to people and more time talking to nature. less time sleeping, and more time watching sunrise...

i can't believe I'm getting so old. i can't believe I'm starting my third year out of high school. growing up is a wonderful thing. it's just scary how quick it's going. in the words of Calvin, "you gotta seize tomorrow and throttle it" call up that old friend who you've been meaning to chat with for ages. wear the shirt that you've been saving for a special occasion. skip work and spend the day with a good book. focus more on the important things; on people, on relationships, and less on material things. life is too short to be wasted. and no one knows how much time they have left.


Mikeinmidwood said...

Well, My summer is filled even though it doesnt feel like it was. I did go to israel and thats why it doesnt feel filled. to me summer starts in new york and it can never change.

The Babysitter said...

the last paragraph was excellent!

It's true the summer flew by, I was planning on taking driving lessons but now the summer is already over so too late for that.

I can't believe its gonna be my 3rd year out of HS too!

MAK said...

Summer seemed so short this year! Partly I guess because I took a class over the summer and so that made it feel less summer-ish, but it definetely seemed to go by much faster than previous summers. This will be..ny fourth year out of high school, and I can't believe it. And I'm not ready for classes to start on Monday!!!