Tuesday, August 19, 2008

they say that one of the greatest questions ever asked is this: if there is an unlimited amount of space in the universe, why is there never enough room in my closet?

yet for all the clothing stuffed in, i can never manage to find something to wear. apparently twelve year old boy don't have this problem

fcg:brother 2, do you ever wake up in the morning and have nothing to wear?

brother 2 looks up from his video game at me incredulously: you're crazy, no. i just take any t-shirt and shorts

fcg:yea but do you ever try on all your clothing and none of them seem right?

this doesn't even get an answer, as brother 2 goes back to his game, leaving me to ponder. indeed, it seems that most members of the male species are lucky to never have this problem. my dad's wardrobe varies slightly in that it also contains slacks and button downs, but he doesnt' seem to have a problem either. why is it that females stare blankly at a stack or row of clothing, and mumble that age old complaint "i have nothing to wear"?


The Babysitter said...

My little brother sometimes says that as an excuse to get out of going to shul. Either because all his white shirts are used or in the laundry. Or sometimes he can't find where he put his clothes last. Sometimes its because he doesn't have any shabbos shoes.

But in the way you are speaking about it, yea its only a girl thing, because there are so many varieties of different clothes to wear that its hard to find the exact clothes to wear for a certain situation and therefore it seems like there is nothing to wear, nothing fitting that situation.

With boys its basically a uniform, all their clothes is the same, only difference is between weekday and shabbos, so its not so hard to pick befitting clothes.

Anonymous said...

I dont understand why my sisters go clothes shopping all the time and say they have nothing to wear when they cant fit anything else in their closets.

I have too many clothes, but thats just because I never throw them out. I still have my tshirt from an 8th grade class trip. Still fits even.

MAK said...

BT, DT. (Been there, Done that) Though my brother has his issue of OCD, unless none of his clothes are clean (in which case he really doesn't have anything to wear) he has a much easier time of it. I can remember several times standing in front of my closet and going I have NOTHING TO WEAR!!! And then I go raid my mother's closet, maybe she has something that will work for that skirt or shirt....

Yoni said...

yeah, thats why for years I just wore black and white; its very hard to missmatch a black pair of pants to a white shirt. :P

G6 said...

I agree with frumpunk.
I have every "sentimental" piece of clothing that I ever wore, plus every size imaginable.
I have styles that will NEVER come back!!
But you just *know* that the minute I toss something, I'll find a skirt to match it.....