Sunday, May 4, 2008

killers in the backseat

i went away for the weekend and came back late last night. i got into my car which was left parked there. about three minutes after i got into the car, i turned around at a red light to look in the backseat to see if anyone was in the backseat. i don't know how anyone could really get into my car but i didn't want to take any chances. you hear all these crazy stories (although half of them aren't true, like this one) about mass murderers who hide in backseats of cars. it's one of those irrational fears that i usualy don't have. my friend was just telling me that everytime she goes into the bathroom she checks behind the shower curtain to make sure no one is hiding there. i never do that. i don't have to double and triple check the lock on the front door before i go to sleep either. but at two am, when everything is very dark and cold and quiet, you never know what dangers are lurking in the backseat of your car.


another frum college girl said...

i do the shower curtain thing! tell your friend shes not alone!

MAK said...

Late nights can be scary, I've done the checking in the backseat thing too.

The Babysitter said...

It has to do with watching horror movies, or reading horror books. The media convinces you these things will actually happen.

But its better to check, then to be surprised. Better to be safe than sorry.

frumskeptic said...

I'm not usually paranoid. But when I was home alone (my parents and sister went on vacation), the house was so quiet, I heard literally every sound the neighbors made and our tenant in the basement made. Since I'm not used to hearing all these sounds, I got so paranoid, I would turn the alarm on as soon as I walked into the house (around 5ish) the last few days I was home. lol.

Another time my friend and I were house sitting (watching the dog) for a mutual friend. Came motzei shabbos we started watching one of those TV shows about criminals. It was late and nothing else was on, and we slept alot over shabbos, so its not like we woulda been able to fall asleep. After the show, we both went to bed, and we couldn't fall asleep! We were so paranoid, it was kinda creepy.

Anyway, I still can't imagine why one would check behind the curtain. What wouldhappen if you find him there? Would you check with a phone in your hand with 911 on speeddial so you can quickly call??

another frum college girl said...

no i would push him backwards and run away screaming! yea maybe not the best plan but im just trying to be honest here :)