Friday, May 2, 2008

shopping in the lower end stores

you can argue that you'll find the same clothing in a store like lord and taylor and in marshall's, but you have to be willing to sift through racks and racks of clothing, rub shoulders with (sometimes) undesirable people, and deal with bored obnoxious cashiers.

and then there's the issue of the dressing rooms.
in nicer stores, there are alot of dressing rooms, with carpeting, chairs, and a decent smell. i was in a discount store and i got nauseous from going into the fitting rooms. it was cold, and dirty, and the lighting was bad. the individual rooms were teeny. and half of them were unusable.
the first one didn't have a door
the second one had a door, but it didn't close properly
the third one had a door that closed, but no lock
the fourth one had a door and a lock, but the lock was broken
the fifth one had no mirror
the sixth smelled really bad
so i had to take the seventh room. by this time i was practically dizzy from going in and out of every room
the woman in the room next to me was yelling at her daughter on the phone, who'd apparantly let the supper burn, or something. next to her, a girl was telling her friend about the woes of her love life-or lack of, as it seemed to me.

but somehow it all seems worth it when you find really great buys. but when i don't find anything, i'm ready to give up and leave those stores to the dogs. (or the foreign people who regularly shop there)


Yoni said...

yeah, I agree with you. But one time at such a store I saw an amazing brass telescope, and I got some of my favoite ties from such a store, by luck, but I haven't seen much that good since. :(

The Babysitter said...

Well not everything do you have to try on. The "Lower end stores" are good for things you need to buy that aren't clothes and that you need for a short time. Like why spend $200 when you can get the same thing for $20.

But yea there's pros and cons for everything. So the "Lower end stores" can afford lower prices, cause they have less expenses, and don't spend as much on maintaining the store. They usually also get their clothes through sweat shops and stuff, which leads to an ethical problem for some.